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I'm going to try and communicate updates to the system here, so people can see what all's going on with TranquilArt. Quite a bit of it'll be backend stuff, things like database fixes or code optimization, but some of it will be user-visible features and bug fixes as well.

So, here's to start; version 1.0.1:
Fixed a bug where the commission type wouldn't show in the detailed commission view
Added filter level and last update to the detailed commission view
Prettied up a bunch of the URLs

The commission type thing was a dumb copy/paste error, I forgot to replace the variable so it was using a non-existent one and trying to pull non-existent commission types for a non-existent user.

The filter level thing was a convenience thing for me, be sure to properly tag your filter levels! I don't want minors seeing a rather thorough description of some pornographic commission!

The key one in this update is the URL prettying. Now it's things like http://tranquilart.net/forum/4 and http://tranquilart.net/user/SocksTheFox instead of the ugly default MyBB URLs with the hard to remember user ID number and whatnot.

However, the URL prettying is implemented in a very super hacky way, so if you see any broken links be sure to let me know so I can look them up and fix them!

Edit: So hacky it won't even let me post the old URLs, it tries to pretty them up after I post them. Oh well, I don't expect anyone to use the old ugly URLs anyway. And there were some other little things I messed up but fixed now like Quick Edit but if you find anything else at all please let me know!
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