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Commission for Azuriae
Commissioner: Azuriae Status: Canceled
Commissioned Artist: SocksTheFox Commission Type: Other
Primary Reference: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13266122/ Original Price: 0.00 USD
Pose: See Notes Price Adjustment: 0.00 USD
Filter Level: General Total Price: 0.00 USD
Last Update: 04-06-2015 09:17 AM Reason: N/A
Nayel-ie's colored clean sketch

Do you mind keeping the maid theme? As I told you in one of my earlier notes, this piece is to represent something.

Extra Refs:

Pose Ref:
With maybe, a pose like this, knees up? http://tinyurl.com/kauwwhr
No nudity'n'stuff.
For the expression, make her as shy as ever. Blushier it is, the better!
Clean pic

Way behind on delivery!