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Commission for Rynn
Commissioner: Rynn Status: Delivered
Commissioned Artist: Draekos Commission Type: Shaded
Primary Reference: Original Price: 80.00 USD
Pose: Looking over shoulder, Price Adjustment: 0.00 USD
Filter Level: General Total Price: 80.00 USD
Last Update: 12-18-2013 03:05 AM Reason: N/A
Name: Nilak
Gender: Herm
Race: Huskeh Mech
Master: Rynn Cereus
Height at Shoulders: 3’ 6”
Length (Not Including Tails): 5’ 6”
Length (Including Tails): 9’
Weight: 150 lbs.
Body: Lithe, Normally Feral
Eye Color: Silver

Appearance: Nilak has thick fur, typical of a husky, with a white base color. The top of hir muzzle has a medium gray stripe, extending from the back of hir nose, continuing up to the top edge of hir eyebrows, and filling out the area of both eye sockets. Shi has black lips, and the edge of hir ears are also black. The rest of the outside of hir ears are a dark gray, as are hir paws. The soft, finer fur on the inside of hir ears is white. A large patch of medium gray fur starts from the top of the huskeh’s head, expanding out in a gradual triangle until it reaches about half way down hir neck, before it curves forward to follow the curve of hir shoulders, covering hir back, about half of each of hir sides side, hir hips, the top, outside third of each leg, and the top third of each tail, of which shi has five, thanks to hir master. All five tails are about 3’ 6” long, and covered in thick, fluffy fur. Starting from a point just under hir chin, and running to the bottom of hir chest is a dark gray, roughly diamond shaped patch of fur. Around hir neck is a black leather collar with a light gray band, and chrome D-ring. From that ring hangs a chrome, rectangular name-tag with an embossed black border several millimeters from the edge, bearing the words “Nilak” on one line, and “Rynn” on the other in elegant, curly black letters, the tag identical on both sides.