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TranquilArt is online for public testing!

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Hello everyone, and welcome to TranquilArt! We are opening the site for public testing!

What exactly is TranquilArt anyway? Well, we're an art community built around the TranquilArt Commission Tracking System. Artists can keep track of their commissions, and even give registered users the ability to apply for commissions!

We hope to expand in the near future, but to do that we need people to make sure the site we already have is solid for the future!

When signing up, keep in mind things will definitely be changing a lot in the near future as we add features, fix bugs, and tidy up the place. I also recommend keeping another copy of all of the commissions you keep on the site for a while in case something breaks and things get deleted when they shouldn't be.

I certainly hope that you enjoy your stay, and that you find our service useful!