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Life of Strive

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So despite this site....being dead in the forums (Even though I use the organizer religiously)
I should just say.

Boy is it ever hard being an artist haha
especially when you get art blocks </3

I try to push myself, since the commissioners pay their money and expect an item in return. I don't like being that person that takes months and months. Art is usually delivered within a week, but as of lately it's been up to 1-3 months. And I honestly feel like shit for that.

What with working at KFC and preparing everything to go back to college ;W;
I don't wanna lose myself in commissions and never draw something for myself in the end

I guess when it comes down to it I really just need to cut back on my list (Which I have done and it's making me feel alot better)

Work on larger projects (Like that comic that's taking me forever to line holly molly I love doing comics but they take sooomuuuuuchtiiiiiimeeee)

And I honestly feel so bad for the wait time on that comic but its like...art block always comes when I open page 3 to line and im all...eeep /dead

but yah....

that's my...ramble...

idk where I was going with this, I just wanted to make the forums a bit more alive hahaa