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Almost done!

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I cheated a little to get the theme to the "presentable" stage, so at this point I'm like 85% done. I'm still waiting on a couple of things from other people, and I really want to get the profile page prettied up a bit more, but other than those everything else that I had to skimp on looks at least somewhat decent.

Having said that once the theme is up I will be making further changes as I improve the layout, so don't be too surprised if things move around a bit more. The theme is drastically different to what we have now. For one, it's dark text on a light background instead of this, and IMNSHO it looks far more professional and cohesive.

There are still a few kinks to work out of the new software, but most of those are out of my hands as they're in the base forum software TA is built on. Also, while I've made a few changes to our custom commission system I expect to make several more to make it easier to use for both artists and commissioners.