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Happy New Year!

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At this point, the relaunch of TranquilArt.net is mostly complete! I still want to work on getting SSL working properly, but there's still some wonkiness with the server I need to look in to. It's not necessary for things to work, but more security is never a bad thing, especially when you all don't have to do anything beyond use a browser from this decade to use it!
Other than that I've gotten everything trimmed down and ready to go! There may be a few little things here and there that I've missed, so if you find anything be sure to let me know! Just shoot me a PM or reply here and I'll get on it right away!
Over the next year I certainly hope to be able to focus a lot more effort on the site. One of the biggest features I want to add is email notifications with the commission system. Of course this requires the commission system be a lot more fleshed out and useful before there's a good reason to be sending out emails.
So, here's to 2015! Big Grin