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Refinement of TA launch plan

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When I said TranquilArt will be relaunched January 1st, I meant it would be opened by Jan 1st, 2015. I work that day, so I'll most likely be opening it just a little bit early by my time (and a lot early if you're on the Pacific). For most sane people that spend their new years with friends and family (read: not me) it'll be down on the 31st and up on the 1st.

I'll be closing it December 31st around noon CST to make backups, transfer everything, run all the upgrade scripts, and make sure it all completed successfully. It won't actually take 12 hours (or 11 hours) but I want to account for unforeseen problems.

Just in case, take a moment to go through and grab all your important info so you're not stuck if the site isn't ready in time!

The biggest thing is the new theme. I've been working on this way too long, and had to take a few shortcuts to just get it done for the launch. However, unless you're an HTML nut it should be fine for you :3

The next biggest thing is the fact that it's built on MyBB 1.8 instead of 1.6. The software itself has a few new features for users, as well as some nice stuff for the backend that make things easier for me.

The last big thing is the redesigned flow for managing commissions. Instead of two redundant lists, I've chopped it down to just one that lists all your commissions. There's now an "Add Commission" button at the very bottom, and in each individual commission there is now an "Edit Commission" button. I've also temporarily, practically removed the "Open for Commissions" part for now until I've figured out how to make it easier to use (though it's technically still there and accessible if you take the long twisty route).

I certainly hope you all enjoy the new redesigned Tranquilart!