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Possible new commission types?

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Hi! Loving the idea of this site, I've been looking for somewhere to keep track of my work and after using Google Docs, Excel, Notepad and God only knows what else, I think I've found somewhere to FINALLY keep my permanent to-do list haha.

A couple of things I'd love to have though would be the following:

- "On Hold" and "Awaiting Details" commission status' (I often get commissioners paying but not sending refs yet, or people asking to put commishes on hold for now)
- Option to put a price range rather than single price into a commission type (when I put 5-10 for example, it says it must be numerical only)
- Option to select or enter the number of charas in a commission (just so I can keep track!)

Thanks so much! Please do let me know if these get implemented!

- Skye

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Hello! Thank you for your suggestions!

The "On Hold" and "Awaiting Details" options are a great idea! Definitely going on my To Do list.

The reason it only lets you enter a single price is the backend there is pretty simple and just dumps the price into the commission info. From there you can use the price adjustment field for the commission itself to add or subtract to the price, as well as enter a reason for why the price is changed from the base price.

The option to enter a number of characters is also a good idea, and I might even add a thing where you can specify a per-character markup based on it to be automatically added into the price.

I do have another couple of projects I need to finish before I can get back to work on this, but hopefully once I have less on my plate I can give TranquilArt the attention it deserves!